About Me

Currently working as a Co-Founder and Ecosystem & Blockchain strategist at Bering & Company Ltd. We help organizations to explore the boundaries of emerging technologies.

Co-author of the ”Blockchain, Roadmap for Executives” book. Enterprise blockchain, digital & business strategist, innovation & startup senior.

Interacting fluently at crossroads of business, technology, design (people) & innovation. Well-traveled adventurer, mountaineer and Ironman. Founder of the first commercial travel blog in Finland (2000).

Founder or co-founder in 10 companies in various locations (FI, UK, LV, US). Event producer, freelance writer, generalist par excellence..

Freelance writer, speaker & blockchain professional.

Book website: Lohkoketju – Tiekartta päättäjille

Current venture: Bering & Company

Event at hand: Helsinki Adventure Night

Contact me if you need an advice, keynote speaker or write a story.